Приветствуем вас, мы — удаленная команда разработчиков, занимаемся техническими работами по созданию сайтов для дизайн-агентств. Так как вы открыли сайт с  Internet Explorer (версия ) — думаем, что вы — не наша целевая аудитория.
Если вы ищете партнера для разработки сайта под ключ — посмотрите рейтинги Теглайн, Ruward или Рейтинг Рунета.
Если вы — веб студия или интернет-агентство и ищете субподрядчика по верстке/программированию, то  посмотрите Рейтинг аутсорс-продакшенов
Если вы все же уверены, что хотите техническую разработку креативного сайта — пожалуйста, смените браузер.
С уважением, команда веб-разработки «Девять линий»
Frontend development and CMS integration for design agencies
Frontend development for RBC and «Samsung»
Frontend development for RBC and «White Village»
Frontend and backend of «Module Framework» for Great Simple Studio
Project for Lenovo
Frontend development for RBC and Lenovo
We create web-sites from design mockups
We build and develop websites, fill it with content. Help you to upload your site to a test domain for demonstration to your customer
web-design — is creativity vs. technical expertise in developing the web-site. one cannot be separated from another.
Design is not all about layouts
An incorrect or low-quality implementation can nullify designer’s work.
Our goal
Making a complete product out of layouts and ideas.
Qualitatively executed technical part raises the chances for the agency to replenish its portfolio with new work, receive a loyal customer and take a step forward.
Our goal
Giving the opportunity for the design agencies to do the layouts and not to worry about the technical part.
Our partners
Shall we meet in the office or talk on the phone?
Write us, to tell about your need and take a look at our portfolio
We are a technical partner of design agencies in web development. We want agencies to have an opportunity to only deal with the layouts and design ideas, and we take care of the technical part. We consider, that if every team member deals only with his own specialization — the team will get a qualitative product.
We deal with frontend and backend development
At the same time, we try to implement the design, not just coding or programming. We often deviate from a term of «effective hours», we don’t skimp on testing and listen to our partners in everything that concerns design ideas.
About the personnel policy
The vacancy of a technical specialist in «nine lines» (frontend developer, technical lead or a programmer) assumes a completely remote job. We chose this format to find the best minds and people, who are close to us in spirit. Our vacancies are not freelance ones, we offer a full-time team work, an eight-hour working day with holidays and holidays in accordance with the LC RF. Work «projectively» or «half-time» does not work.
About the development process
In work we value freedom, decency and inspiration to make better products. We consider our clients to be our partners, we try to speak with them in the same language and do not get hung up on the rules. We apply development methodologies when the project really requires it, but not because it’s written in the books.
How to contact us
Write us an e-mail indicating the need. Tell us about the company’s plans and goals and we’ll think about how we can help you to achieve them.
Samsung Galaxy S8
Joint project with RBC. Implementation of the technical part of the project dedicated to the release of the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8
White Village
Joint project with RBC. Implemented the technical part of the site devoted to the international women’s day. With the help of the project, you can creatively congratulate your wife, mother or other half on a spring holiday and present a virtual bouquet.
White Village
Module Framework
A joint project with Great Simple Studio. Implemented the technical part of the tool for quick creation of the landing pages. With the help of the site you can collect a template with a quality design in 5-10 minutes.
Joint project with RBC. Implemented the technical part of the site dedicated to Lenovo IdeaPad s710 plus
We work from 9 to 18
Moscow time
Anton Bikulov
Head of Development Department
+7 965 693 11 90
Artem Rogov
Business development manager
+7 906 145 98 05
Evgeny Zavyalov
Business development manager
+7 927 273 89 61